2022 summer is rich with unfinished deals: Transfers with many issues

Unfinished transfers

Todd Boehly was offended when Tuchel refused to sign Ronaldo. A three-person attack with Sterling, Mount and Cristiano could make a mess of the EPL. Chelsea would definitely have claimed third place with Koulibaly, Kante and such an attack. But Ronaldo did not go to the only club where he could have been given the wages he needed without issue.

Napoli, Sporting and others are not ready to repeat Juventus’ conditions, but Chelsea has huge revenues and expenses. And it looks like the debt was forgiven. And it is interesting how the resale is reflected in UEFA’s reporting. The soccer bet of the day is heavily on his side whenever Ronaldo’s name is mentioned. His failed transfer has already affected the Londoners – Tuchel has been sent off. Boehly felt a ‘fresh start’ was needed. 

Kylian has stated that he has left the door open for Madrid. But he is unlikely to be welcomed with a smile and a hug. It’s bad enough that Kylian doesn’t have a PR consultant by his side. And if there is, that person is not doing his job well. Sometimes Mbappe reacts appropriately to events, and sometimes it’s obvious that the Frenchman is only 23 years old. He’s already been fed tales of greatness and uniqueness.

Kylian ended up using Real Madrid to get a huge salary at PSG. He didn’t dispel the rumours of conflict with Neymar. Mbappe would have had a more challenging time at Real Madrid – a new club, different league, but could have gained respect like Haaland at Manchester City. At PSG, even 40 goals a season in the league won’t change anything. But having him in the squad changes the Parisians’ chances of winning the Champions League; with Mbappe, you can fight if he’s fit after the World Cup in the spring.

Bernardo to Barcelona is a transfer that could have been one of the most interesting. Xavi has enough people to make Barcelona one of the most beautiful teams of the season. But the existence of the club from Catalonia is at risk. No one will be left if they reach bankruptcy. It’s clear why Bernardo Silva didn’t end up at Barcelona – the Catalans didn’t sell Frenkie De Jong for big money.

But Silva was recruited, Guardiola and Xavi were talking about the deal. It would be an embarrassment for the Catalans if Barcelona lacked exactly the man between the lines to win La Liga, as Pedri, Gavi and De Jong are all good except for one thing – little championship experience, unlike the Manchester City midfielder.

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