Bayern Munich Transfer News: Bundesliga champion is ready for more transfers.

Bayern Munich Transfer News

Mane desires to be in the Bayern lineup.

It’s hard to believe that PSG was crazy enough to offer Mane a contract after extending Mbappe’s deal. On the other hand, Real has called for Klopp’s forward before. But now Vinicius has emerged on the left-wing, so Salah is more likely to end up in Perez’s team than Sadio. The Senegalese is a peculiar man and very stubborn. If he wants to join Bayern, no one can stop him on his chosen path. And he comes to the team of another stubborn one – Lewandowski. Kahn and Salihamidzic are furious about Robert’s behavior, and the forward’s friends and surroundings are mad about Bayern’s position.

The Pole made a statement that he would not play in Bayern Munich. The club reminded him of his contract for a year, although he could have solved everything in a friendly way. Now Javier Tebas and Joan Laporta are publicly quarreling because of the problematic deal with Barcelona. And the coach of the Polish national team offers the same option that was allowed the other day. If Barcelona is banned from registering the Pole, he would be better off going to Liverpool instead of Lewandowski’s useless deal with PSG.

He will compete in goals with Haaland again, and Mane will go to Munich if that’s what he wants. For Nagelsmann, such a newcomer would be a good help after losing the goal machine. Moreover, Julian has long been a fan of Mane’s talents. He offered Kahn to sign the Liverpool forward from his first day at the club. And since Sadio has a contract with the Reds until the summer of 2023, the Germans could bargain as they love to do. Because of that delay, the sides are actively negotiating.

Munich is looking for a new center-forward

The option of having Mane in the center of the attack is equal to the idea of moving Müller at the edge, lining up a trio of midfielders behind him. It is a good theoretical option for the Bundesliga, but it is too unreliable as a practical way to enter a new Champions League final. When Guardiola was coaching in Munich, even the Spaniard clutched his head when he let Lewandowski off the bench. Bayern is used to playing without the false nine.

It’s a good combination of Lukaku’s interest in being loaned to a new club after the most expensive deal in sports history, the sale of Chelsea, coupled with Bayern’s desire to find a new strong center forward. The Belgian wants to go to Milan, as he has stated publicly since his disappointing season. He wants a return of at least part of the €113m spent on the transfer in London.

Barcelona could get involved if Lewandowski’s transfer falls through and Chelsea agrees to a buyout deal for Lukaku. The Belgian is a strong striker, but he has less sporting passion than Lewandowski. Lukaku is a smart guy for whom soccer has become a ticket to a wealthy life. But he was thinking of ending his career with the Belgian national team; although he is not old, he was lost at MU and twice in Chelsea.

Coaches like Conte can motivate him, but Tuchel has failed. Let’s see what Nagelsmann makes because his vote in selecting a replacement for Lewandowski should be decisive. It’s reckless on Kahn’s part to sign a center forward without a coach for a team where all the passes were going to the forward. And while Lukaku certainly isn’t the only candidate, a decision can’t be delayed. The election is difficult but inevitable.

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