Footballers Who Wear Running Glasses: Clear Vision on the Pitch 

Football is a sport that demands precision, focus, and keen eyesight. While some athletes face the additional challenge of vision impairment, many footballers with glasses have excelled on the pitch. Here, we’ll explore the stories of these players and discuss how they prioritize eye protection while playing the beautiful game.

Edgar Davids adjusts his glasses

Breaking Stereotypes – Footballers Who Wear Glasses

While eyeglasses are not the norm on the soccer field, some players have become known for wearing glasses either on or off the pitch. These players have not allowed visual impairments to hinder their performance and have, in fact, embraced their eyewear as part of their identity. Here are a few famous soccer players who wear glasses and know how to protect their eyes.

Edgar Davids

Dutch football icon Edgar Davids, notable for wearing protective running glasses during matches, was granted an exception to FIFA rules due to his eye condition. Beginning his career at Ajax, he later played for AC Milan and had a significant period with Juventus, becoming a key figure in their midfield. After successful stints in Italy, Davids played for various clubs, including Tottenham Hotspur and Crystal Palace, and had a player-manager role with Barnet in 2012.

In 2020, he became the assistant coach for Dutch club Telstar and later became the head coach of Portugal’s Olhanense in January 2021. Unfortunately, he was dismissed from this position in July of the same year. Davids has since been involved in coaching roles, including serving as a key figure for the Dutch national team.

Other players

Several well-known soccer players wear glasses, showcasing their achievements both on and off the field.

  • David De Gea: Despite needing glasses daily, De Gea wears contact lenses during matches to adhere to FIFA rules. He began his career with Atletico Madrid before becoming the first-choice goalkeeper for Manchester United.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo: Ronaldo, one of the greatest players in soccer history, wears glasses off the field and has leveraged this by creating his own eyewear brand, CR7. After a challenging year in 2022, Ronaldo left Manchester United and now plays for Al-Nassr in the Saudi Pro League.
  • Mario Balotelli: Known as ‘Super Mario,’ Balotelli is a charismatic figure with a diverse career. The Italian forward has played for various teams, including Manchester City, Liverpool, AC Milan, and Marseille. He currently competes for Adana Demirspor.
  • Jerome Boateng: German defender Jerome Boateng is renowned for his stylish eyewear choices. After a successful career with Bayern Munich, he moved to Lyon in 2021. His contract was until 30 June 2023.
  • Ian Wright: A legendary figure at Arsenal, Ian Wright transitioned to wearing glasses more frequently in his role as a TV pundit. Wright’s prolific career included standout years at Crystal Palace before becoming one of Arsenal’s highest-scoring forwards.

Various coaches, including Sir Alex Ferguson, Alan Pardew, Aimé Jacquet, and Arsène Wenger, have been seen sporting eyewear while overseeing matches from the sidelines.

Footballers with glasses prove that visual challenges don’t have to be a barrier to success on the pitch. By embracing their eyewear and prioritizing eye protection, these players have excelled in their careers and inspired others. Whether through customized sports glasses or contact lenses, these athletes demonstrate that clear vision is a key component of their success in the beautiful game.

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