Houseman Field: Home of Grand Rapids FC and a Community Landmark

For over a century, Houseman Field has been a beloved sports venue in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The stadium’s rich history and central location have made it a hub for local sports teams, concerts, and community events.

Houseman Field

History of Houseman Field

Houseman Field is a historic sports stadium located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The field was originally donated to the school district by Hattie Houseman, daughter of prominent Grand Rapids politician Julius Houseman, in 1907. Although it was used for the Grand Rapids Central High School football team’s practices, it was not until 1923 that the current stadium was built on the site.

Over the years, Houseman Field has become an iconic sports venue in Grand Rapids, hosting numerous high school and college sporting events, as well as semi-professional soccer and football teams.

Grand Rapids FC at Houseman Field

One of the most notable tenants of Houseman Field in recent years has been Grand Rapids FC, a semi-professional soccer team that was founded in 2014. The team plays in the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL), a national league of teams across the United States.

Grand Rapids FC has had a lot of success at Houseman Field over the years, drawing large crowds of passionate fans to the stadium for their home games. The team has also been instrumental in revitalizing interest in soccer in the Grand Rapids area, helping to grow the sport at the grassroots level and inspiring a new generation of young players.


The stadium underwent a major renovation in 2009, which included the replacement of the playing surface with artificial turf, the installation of a new press box, concession stands, and restrooms, as well as various other technological and structural upgrades. The renovation was made possible by funds left over from a 2004 facilities improvement bond issued by the Grand Rapids Public Schools’ Board of Education.

Community Impact

Grand Rapids Central High School became the primary tenant of Houseman Field, with other high schools such as Creston High School, Catholic Central High School, and West Catholic High School also playing their home games at the stadium over the years due to the increasing number of high schools in Grand Rapids. Currently, the Ottawa Hills and Union High School football teams call Houseman Field their home, and in recent years, they have both started their seasons by playing each other at this historic stadium.

Aside from its use as a sports venue, Houseman Field has also hosted various community events over the years, including concerts and festivals. Its central location in the city and its rich history have made it a beloved landmark in Grand Rapids, cherished by residents and sports enthusiasts alike.

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