Mbappe chose the PSG offer of hundreds of millions euros.

Kylian Mbappé

At the level where people survive, the financial motivation works because it allows them to have some dignity. However, money is as abstract for elite professional athletes as it is for the most prominent millionaires. There have been several cases where absurd contracts have done the opposite of advancing a player’s career. Mbappe signed a three-year deal with PSG, and Perez informed the Real Madrid players beforehand that Mbappe had rejected the move he had wanted.

So, let’s say that everyone who has criticized Kylian’s selection is incorrect and that growing up at Real Madrid wasn’t the best choice for a future soccer icon like him. In that situation, it would require a notable increase in the quality and popularity of Ligue 1 for Mbappe to become the greatest player in the world with PSG. However, this tournament will not become as popular as the English Premier League in three years. For anyone interested in learning more about Mbappe’s chances in PSG and making predictions, betting sites NZ can help you discover how to wager on various games.

The Parisian management must also understand how to choose coaches and managers. Even if Leonardo is dismissed, no outstanding manager will take a job in League 1 since the competition is too weak for geniuses to spend their time and effort on it. We’ll soon find out how well Zidane can manage the many internal conflicts inside PSG.

Imagine if Mbappe, along with Neymar and Messi, is part of the winning Champions League team. What then? He automatically put a price tag of 200-250 million euros by holding on to a contract with a salary of 100 million euros. Which team will take the risk of signing him in the following years? Everyone will say no, which means the Frenchman will one day wake up and understand what Neymar has known for quite some time. Entrance to PSG is generously paid, and the exit is immediately burdened.

Moreover, this is still a model of an ideal scenario in which everything seems to succeed. However, the pressure will increase, and Mbappe may lose his form because he had a strong season – 45 games, 36 goals, 26 assists, with thoughts of the white Real Madrid shirt and El Clasico.

Money is necessary, but talent and willpower are more valuable. Meanwhile, it is essential regularly to compete against the toughest opponents in sports. That is why Benzema is one step away from winning the Ballon d’Or, and Mbappe might become the next Neymar. You may even score 50 goals in Ligue 1 and still be knocked out in the UCL playoffs by Tedesco’s Leipzig. And with his credentials, it’s a role in the history of international soccer, not a league where one team is wealthier than all the others.

Kilian’s choice to remain at PSG is contentious for both soccer and financial reasons, although he already has an amount of wealth. La Liga had high hopes of getting Holland and Mbappe to recreate the trick with the clash between Lionel and Cristiano, but it didn’t work.

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