Money On The Field: A Guide For Football Betting Newbies

If you are starting to learn about football betting, take a quick read below. It might feel daunting for new punters to understand everything about football betting instantly, so take your time and know that the key to becoming confident in gambling is learning first about football betting basics.

Betting on football is an exciting and entertaining pastime. You just don’t enjoy watching your favorite teams do their amazing plays. You are also thrilled about the idea of winning your bets. As long as you are open to learning more about football betting basics, you will surely improve over time. To introduce you further, below are some useful information about football betting to get your learning started. 

5 Types Of Football Betting

There are various kinds of football betting, and each one of them consists of different rules that you must study and become acquainted with. But before even proceeding to the actual betting, you should first select a reliable and trusted bookmaker like You can learn more about them here on their website at To get you started, explained below are five common types of football betting that you need to know.

1. The Match Result Bet

Understanding this bet is very simple. In this bet, you will only have three outcomes to choose from. You can either select for the Home Team to win, the Away Team to win, or a Draw outcome. Engaging in this type of bet is best done if one team is more dominant than the other based on facts and stats.

2. The Draw No Bet

Another type that is easy to understand is the Draw No Bet or DNB. In this bet, you just have to select which of the two teams will win the match. Nevertheless, if the game results in a Draw, you do not win or lose anything, and the bookmaker will return your stake.

3. The Half-time/Full-time

The half-time/full-time bet is a fun type of bet. You get to win two times in a single match if you predict it just right. You can choose to bet on the first 45 mins or first-half results of a game and the second half or 2nd 45-minute result in this bet. If you both predicted the first and second half right, you can win twice in a single match and earn extra money. Just pray you don’t lose both of your bets.

4. The Accumulator Bet

Accumulator bet is a thrilling one because you can win massive amounts of money but with significant risk. There are many rules under this bet, but the general rule is that you can choose many teams to bet on, from two teams or more, to win large amounts of money. The idea in this bet is that the more teams you add to bet on, the bigger the potential earnings become. The biggest risk is that if all or most of your betting predictions fail, the bigger money you could lose.

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