Soccer Betting 101: Essential Tips and Strategies for Novice Bettors

Are you about to delve into soccer betting and need some help knowing the basics before you start playing the games? Or you’ve been betting for a while, but your recent bets have been all shades of wrong. You’re in luck!

Soccer Field

This article breaks down sports betting for beginners and experts who’ll like to be reminded of the genuine basics of the game. While there are numerous betting styles to learn, you can research further tips on PickBoss to build your knowledge base and get prepared to make educated bets.

Brief Overview of Soccer Betting

Soccer, known as football in most countries outside the United States, is the most popular sport for betting worldwide. Its widespread recognition contributes to its immense betting attention, surpassing nearly all other sports on a global scale.

Soccer betting is not restricted to locations. You can bet from anywhere worldwide on games hosted by the Major League Soccer (MLS), English Premier League, La Liga, and even the FIFA World Cup.

So many factors contribute to the widespread nature of soccer betting. But the most prominent characteristic is its simplicity.

Soccer betting is easy to understand and delve into for novice and seasoned bettors. It also offers everyone a chance to achieve financial success through responsible bets.

Strategies to Win Soccer Bets

Here are the best approaches to making betting decisions for soccer games.


This technique involves betting on three possible outcomes. They include:

  • A win for one team
  • A win for the other team
  • A draw

Alternatively, you can apply the two-way money line approach, which reduces your option to two: a win for either team. The three-way moneyline for soccer betting is often recommended for beginners.

Over or Under

It is another beginner-friendly wager that allows you to predict the overall number of goals that would be scored during a 90-minutes game. You can either wager that the goals produced by both teams would be under a specific number or over it.

Point Spread

This soccer betting strategy focuses on the goal line. A point spread bet aims to level the playing field by giving both teams an equal chance of winning, typically at a 50/50 probability. Points are subtracted from the favored team’s final score to achieve this balance.

Asian Handicap

This technique is much more complex than the others and isn’t recommended for beginners. However, it doesn’t hurt to learn it.

Here’s you’re placing a bet on the underdog of the game. It’s similar to a puck line in hockey, excluding the draws and ties options.

Future Betting

Future soccer betting strategies are long-term bets placed months before the event. It holds a significant level of risk because you have yet to learn how your preferred wager may fare as the season progresses.

For instance, a person who placed a future bet on Chelsea winning the 2023 premier league based on their previous form was disappointed when the team lost form.

Tips to Win in Soccer Betting

Although luck goes a long way in soccer betting, here are some tips you can apply to complement your luck and guarantee high winnings or low losses.

  • Join a betting community: These communities are led by seasoned tipsters. As a beginner, you can refer to their research or game tips before playing your games.
  • Always take profit, no matter how small: As a beginner, it is best you focus on taking small profits as they come. Waiting for more significant returns may cause you to have more losses.
  • Focus on short odds: Longer odds are more risky and cause novices to lose money. In contrast, shorter odds are more valuable and less risky.

You may also consider matched betting and arbitrage opportunities. Regardless of what you do, ensure you gain adequate knowledge of soccer and its betting markets. This will guide you while selecting your wager options.

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