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There has been one story dominating the world of football recently – news that has cut right into the hearts of Liverpool fans. Jurgen Klopp, the charismatic and beloved manager, has been right at the centre of the club for nine years, and his announcement was met with shock and sadness. Some are even saying that the club is losing one of their greatest managers of all time. But is he? 

Liverpool Football Club is a club that has enjoyed plenty of success, with a history filled with legendary managers who have made a mark on the club. Not only have they led the team to triumphs, but they have also become icons in the hearts of Liverpool supporters.

Here, we take a look at arguably the greatest Liverpool managers of all time.

Bill Shankly: 1959-1974

One of the most significant figures in Liverpool’s history has to be Bill Shankly, who took charge in 1959 and managed to transform the club from a Second Division side to a footballing powerhouse. Shankly’s impact, however, went way beyond the pitch – as he instilled a winning mentality in the team and real camaraderie among players.

His time there saw them win three First Division titles, one Second Division title, two FA Cups, one UEFA Cup, and three FA Charity Shields. Unsurprisingly, his legacy will always be woven into the very fabric of LFC.

Bob Paisley: 1974-1983

Following Shankly’s departure from the club, Bob Paisley had the tough job of stepping into the managerial role – and he did so very well… etching his name in footballing history. Considered to be an architect of Liverpool’s dominance during these years, Paisley led the squad to an astounding six First Division titles, three League Cups, three European Cups, one UEFA Cup, one UEFA Super Cup, and five FA Charity Shields. 

His undeniable tactical prowess and knack for knowing how to put together a winning team solidified Liverpool’s status as football’s powerhouse.

Kenny Dalglish: 1985-1991 & 2011-2012

Dalglish was a rare blend of playing and managerial brilliance – and he transitioned perfectly from a legendary player into an iconic manager. As player-manager, he guided Liverpool to three First Division titles, two FA Cups, four FA Charity Shields, and one League Cup. His understanding of the game, along with his eye for talent, made him a revered figure… and became affectionately known as King Kenny. 

Despite a challenging second term, his contributions to Liverpool’s history mean he still sits up there with the best.

Tom Watson: 1896-1915

Going back over one hundred years, managerial stalwart Tom Watson led the club to incredible success. During his time there, Watson won two First Division titles and one Second Division title. However, his influence went beyond silverware – and he shaped Liverpool’s identity during a very important period.

Jurgen Klopp: 2015-2024

Then we come to the charismatic Jurgen Klopp – who took a struggling squad and revitalised them – instigating a new era of success. Klopp’s ‘heavy metal’ style of playing led Liverpool to one Premier League title, one FA Cup, one UEFA Champions League, one League Cup, one FIFA Club World Cup, one UEFA Super Cup, and one Community Shield – and they are always in the running for the top titles with his team always right up the top of the Champions League odds.

Known for his passion and connection with the players and the fans, Klopp’s legacy continues to evolve – and he will be deeply missed when he leaves.

Rafael Benitez: 2004-2010

Last on our list is Rafael Benitez, who brought European glory back to Anfield, leading Liverpool to a historic UEFA Champions League triumph in 2005 – in one of the most memorable finals of all time. 

His tactical prowess and strategic signings gave the club a new lease of life and earned him silverware in the form of one UEFA Champions League, one UEFA Super Cup, one FA Cup, and one FA Community Shield.

These are just some of the names who have earned their pace amongst Liverpool greats. There are plenty of others worthy of a mention – Joe Fagan and Gerard Houller, for instance. Liverpool will certainly miss Klopp when he leaves – and we can only hope that his replacement is worthy of a place on this list.

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