The EPL Confirms the Date of the Start of its Next Season

The last season of the English Premier League just recently concluded and Liverpool brought home the championship. Meanwhile, Manchester City, Manchester United, and Chelsea all qualified for the Champions League that will also happen very soon.

The EPL was one of the many sports events that have been affected by the pandemic this year. In March, the rest of the season was canceled and it only resumed in June. Many other sports events started to return starting May like the German Bundesliga.

In other sports, the IPL has also recently announced that it will return of this year’s season in September and this will be held in the UAE. For sure, many people are excited to watch the IPL match online as well as the other sports leagues that are set to come back soon.

The Premier League recently announced that the next season will officially start on September 12, 2020. The statement the league released said, “Premier League Shareholders today agreed to start the 2020-21 Premier League season on Sept. 12. The final match round of the campaign will take place on May 23. The Premier League will continue to consult The FA and EFL regarding the scheduling of all domestic competitions.”

This last season of the EPL has been the longest season ever and that’s because it had to be suspended for a while because of the pandemic. The EPL announced its suspension in March when many other sports leagues from around the world also started canceling matches. Fortunately for the fans and the league itself, the EPL was able to return in June. It was in May when the league was given the green light to continue its season in June as the government believes that this could also help boost the morale or spirits of many during the pandemic.

The return of the EPL has also helped the sports betting industry to recover as it took quite a hit during the last few months when there weren’t many sports events happening. The UK Gambling Commission recently reported this and we can expect that the best sports betting operators out there will continue to recover in the next few months. Especially that the next season of the EPL and the Champions League are pushing through.

Since the next season is expected to be finished on May 23, the FA Cup final will then take place earlier than usual. The Euro 2020 is also expected to start on June 11.

When it comes to the next season of the football league matches, The International Football Association Board said that they have the option to continue with the five subs rule. However, of course, this will also have to depend on whether the clubs will be in favor of this again.

The matches will also continue to happen behind closed doors as no fans will still be allowed to return to the stadiums for the start of the next season. However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that the government is hopeful that fans could also return to the stadiums by at least October.

For sure, there should be concrete plans on how fans will be once again allowed in the stadiums of these matches. For now, Italy has already reported that they are indeed developing plans to allow fans to watch local matches in the stadiums once again. Meanwhile, Spain has been vocal that they are doubtful that fans will be allowed to watch live matches again in September.

Only South Korea has reported that fans can be allowed to watch live matches of baseball again beginning this month. While the country will also allow fans to watch live football or soccer matches beginning on August 1. For sure, the leagues could check what practices the leagues in South Korea will have as they begin to allow fans into stadiums again.

The EPL also recently released the new match ball for the next season that is made by Nike. The Nike Fight Ball is exclusively designed for the EPL. It is said to be the culmination of an eight-year investigation by the Nike Equipment Innovation Lab when it comes to improving the consistency of the football fight.

The League released a statement about this and said, “The new Nike ball will deliver the consistency that the best players in the world demand. Incorporating new AerowSculpt technology, the Nike Flight ball offers improved aerodynamics through a revolutionary ball design. The angular chevrons and Laser Crimson glow also give it a clean and striking look, inviting players to hit that sweet spot.”

Nike spoke about the look of the Fight Ball and said, With angular chevrons and Laser Crimson glow. For a look as clean and striking as the shots on target the ball will deliver.

For sure, people are looking forward to once again see the EPL come into action in no time. Meanwhile, the EFA Champions League is also scheduled to begin on the weekend that the 2020/2021 Premier League will start. However, there are still no confirmed dates for the release of the fixtures just yet.

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