Tips & Tricks to Prepare for Soccer Game from Scratch

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Introduction to Soccer Game

No sport can compare to the history and popularity of the soccer game. Although soccer is a simple game, it comes with certain positions and rules that can be challenging for beginners to understand. The soccer game is extremely popular worldwide for two main reasons – it is fairly simple to understand, and the free-flowing soccer game style is exciting to watch. 

This guide talks about the different tips and tricks that will allow beginners to prepare for a soccer game right from scratch.

Know How to Start Playing Soccer!

The soccer game is fairly pure and simple, where the primary rule involves not touching the ball with arms or hands while in play. An exception to this primary rule is the goalie. A goalie is a designated player whose key job is to safeguard the goal from opponents. He is the defense’s last line and can touch or catch the ball with his hands. Players can push, knock down, hit, or tackle their opponents. 

The team that possesses the ball dribbles and passes it amongst its team players to get it into the goal. The opposite team simultaneously tries to take the ball away from the goal post. Each team in a soccer game has 11 players (10+1 goalie.). The winning team is the one that manages to win the most goals. In case of a tie, there is a shootout or overtime to decide the winner.

Tips to Prepare for Soccer Game as Beginner

Discipline is key

Discipline is important in a soccer game and other aspects of life, and every player needs to be disciplined to succeed at the game. There is a long debate in soccer on whether discipline is more important than talent or vice versa. Both qualities are equally important in every game, including soccer. 

Create good eating habits before and after training

The soccer game requires tremendous energy and endurance. While preparing for the game, players must have a balanced diet 2 hours before the training or the game starts. Meals should have an adequate portion of carbohydrates which must be simple to digest, providing a lot of energy to the players. Couple that with some vegetables and protein to make it a wholesome meal. 

Supplements to recover

Supplements like protein shake help in faster recovery after training. The muscles recover and develop faster, enhancing the players’ performance. 

Rest properly

Every game requires a good amount of rest. Studies have shown that obesity positively correlates to lack of rest as the body loses unnecessary fat while sleeping. Creating a well-balanced routine with the correct amount of rest is important for soccer players. 

Heavy weight Training

Weight training needs to be well regulated. Every player must hit the weight room twice a week and perform regular exercises at least once weekly. A combination of a good amount of rest followed by muscle building makes a perfect balance. 

Regulate extra physical activity

Physical activities must be regulated and limited to specific soccer training as overtraining can bring unwanted problems such as muscle fatigue and injuries. 

Always go one step further

Performing drills specific to ball control, stamina increment, positioning, shooting, and technique can help build and improve the strength of the soccer player. 

Visualize the game and field

One excellent tip is to visualize the entire game before getting to the field. Imagine moving to the required space quickly, making excellent passes and shots. It will give a better idea of the soccer game and make the player feel more secure and confident.

Plan your game day the day before

Planning the entire game makes the player well prepared in every way possible. Make a game schedule, when to eat, hydrate, rest, etc. 

Confidence is everything

Confidence is required not only in a soccer game but in every activity that one performs in life. Confidence is built by improving body language and having a more confident posture. This makes a great impact on the opponents as well.

  • Check Football resources like the BBC, ESPN, or

There are many soccer resources such as BBC, ESPN, and from which players can learn more about the game and make better visualizations of the game series.

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Strategies to Win at Soccer Like a Pro

From a broader angle, a soccer field or pitch can be considered a rectangular field with two wedges on each side used by defensive and offensive players. There are mainly two strategies – the inward-facing wedge or offensive strategy and the outward-facing wedge or defensive strategy. While the outcome of a soccer game can be decided by an executed set play like free kicks, corner kicks, or penalty kicks, most games are ultimately won by the team that consistently utilizes basic defensive and offensive strategies centered around dribbling, game awareness, and passing skills.

Rules to Follow While Playing Soccer 

Here are some of the short and simple soccer rules – 

  • First, players cannot handle the ball with their arms or hands. 
  • Second, players must have both feet on the ground during a proper throw-in and throw the ball by holding it over the head with both hands. 
  • A goal kick or corner kick is taken as soon as the ball leaves the field across the end line. If the offensive team kicks the ball, the game is re-started with the goal kick, whereas if the defensive team kicks the ball, the game is re-started with the corner kick. 
  • If a player kicks, jumps out, charges, trips, strikes, holes, pushes, or spits at an opponent player, it is a foul. 
  • The players cannot touch the ball twice consecutively while putting the ball in play. It applies to throw-ins as well.


Soccer, also known as football in several countries, is the most entertaining and popular sport worldwide. Many people have trained their children in soccer by acting as a coach. Note that the game’s finer details need to be explored along with essential strategies, rules, and tips to prepare for the game. Both coaches and young players need to comprehend the different aspects of the game to become efficient and well-developed and increase the chances of winning the soccer game. 

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