Top Ten Most Successful Soccer Teams in the World Based on Trophies Won

Al Ahly trophies
Al Ahly trophies

The world of soccer is filled with many competitions, and different teams have dominated in their own right. It hasn’t been easy, but you can see that they continue to show their dominance across various competitions. And like betting on NFL odds, you can find exciting top competitions to bet on easily. 

Aside from that, we even have major teams that have successfully won many trophies, and in that case, we’ve brought together 10 top teams leading the race for the number of trophies won in their respective domains. 

Al Ahly – 118 Titles

The world’s most decorated team in soccer is Al Ahly. The team from Egypt has won over 110 major titles since they were created. 

Al Ahly has dominated the Egyptian league for many years, and they’ve won the CAF champions league for many years. Undoubtedly, it will take longer for any team to know these Egyptian giants off their perch. 

Rangers – 116 Titles

Following Al Ahly closely is Rangers, the Scottish giants who have been dominating their local league for many years. The team from Scotland was one of the dominating teams in the UCL during the early years of the competition. 

Although they’ve not reached those heights of European football again, they are still winning trophies, and as a result, they’ll continue to close in on Al Ahly for the top spot. 

Club Nacional de Football – 115 Titles

Sitting in 3rd position is the team from Uruguay, Club Nacional de Football. They’ve been solid for many years, and as it stands, they continue to grow as one of the top teams in South America. 

They compete in the CONMEBOL Champions League, and they’ve won it a few times. The team is closing in on the other two and might catch up eventually. 

Atletico Penarol – 109 Titles

Atletico Penarol is another team from Uruguay to make this list. The team has been around for many years and has won more than 100 titles since it entered the top-flight division in the country. 

The club never got relegated since arriving in the league and has been a dominating force for years, and they continue to show formidability to date. 

Celtic – 106 Titles

Sitting at number five is Celtic, the number two team in Scotland. The team has struggled to catch up with the Rangers for decades, but we’ve seen them be more dominant in recent years. 

They’ve shown that they can be a competing team, and as they continue to win their domestic league, there is a good chance that they might catch up with Rangers in the near future. 

Real Madrid – 95 Titles

Closing in on 100+ titles are the Spanish giants that just added the UEFA Champions League and the Spanish La Liga to their collection. The team has been dominant in both the UCL and La Liga, and there is no stopping them. 

In addition to that, they have the Club World Cup, European Super Cup, and the Spanish Super Cup to look forward to, and as a result, they can increase their trophy cabinet. 

Barcelona – 95 Titles

Before the 2022/2023 season, Barcelona was the Spanish team with the most trophies. 

However, after a disappointing season and winning zero trophies, the team is now tied with Real Madrid, and there is a good chance that Madrid will have more before the end of the year. 

Therefore, they have to return to the glory days to ensure they don’t drop far from their biggest rivals. 

Benfica – 84 Titles

In Portugal, three teams are the most dominant. However, Benfica remains the team with the most trophies. 

They have been a solid side in the national league and intercontinental competitions. Undoubtedly, Benfica remains the most formidable team in Portugal, and it will take some time for the other two teams to catch up. 

Porto – 80 Titles

Another Portuguese team on our list is Porto. A team has been around for many years and has shown dominance in Portugal and Europe. 

They’ve won plenty of trophies over the years, and as we continue, we keep seeing them win more. As a result, we are sure that they can catch up with the other teams and get to the 100+ mark. 

Olympiacos  – 78 Titles

The Greek giants take the last spot on our list, and as they continue to dominate in Greece, the team has garnered many trophies taking the stage to another level. Only a few teams come close to them in the league. You can see how they keep showing up in Europe, and no doubt they will keep seeing this team win more trophies. 

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