Which teams are most likely to qualify for the UEL quarterfinals?

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The 2023/24 UEFA Europa League competition is set to return to the football calendar in February. However, teams that have already qualified for the next stage will have to wait a little longer before they know who they will face.

The knockout playoff round will commence first to determine which teams will be able to compete in the quarterfinals of Europe’s secondary club continental competition. These are formed of teams that just missed out on a place in the next stage due to their finishing position in the group and those that were third in their Champions League group.

The draw is as follows:

  • Feyenoord vs AS Roma
  • Milan vs Rennes
  • Lens vs SC Freiburg
  • Young Boys vs Sporting
  • Benfica vs Toulouse
  • Braga vs Qarabag
  • Galatasaray vs Sparta Prague
  • Shakhtar Donetsk vs Marseille

Which teams are most likely to qualify?

Given the quality and unpredictable nature of European football, trying to predict what may happen and who may qualify can be challenging – yet many fans and betting enthusiasts attempt to achieve and accomplish such an outcome.

Form can often mean everything; at the same time, though, it can often mean nothing at all. Since two teams will likely only face off once every few seasons or more often compared to each other, it can be hard to know what to expect on any particular match-up.

In our view, with squad quality and the team’s reputation in continental football considered, the most likely to qualify for the next stage will be:

  • AS Roma
  • Milan
  • Freiburg
  • Sporting
  • Benfica
  • Braga
  • Galatasaray
  • Shakhtar Donetsk

Which team is most likely to win the 23/24 UEL?

Aside from trying to pick out which teams are most likely to qualify for the quarter final draw, sports betting fans will have already looked at the available odds for the eventual winner.

Those who use 32red sports will have already had access to the latest outright odds for the competition winner, as the sportsbook has already provided a list of prices. They have Liverpool as the main favorite at +225, with Bayer Leverkusen the most likely to be a rival contender at +550.

At the same time, they believe AC Milan will likely get through their playoff game and challenge for the title with odds of +1,100, with English pairing Brighton and West Ham at +1,200 and 1,400, respectively. Roma and Benfica are also high on the list of odds, so it would seem the bookies favor them to qualify, too.

In terms of the odds of the teams in the playoffs that go slightly against the above predictions, it would appear Lens are favored over Freiburg, while Marseille are more likely to win than Shakhtar. Of course, those odds pertain to the outright winner of the UEL, but at the same time, they can provide a good indicator of what to expect during other stages of the competition.

Expect the unexpected

As mentioned, continental tournament football is unlike any other beast, as there are so many different variables that often need to be considered. This can make it rather challenging when trying to pick out the next potential champion.

Of course, teams like Liverpool, Leverkusen and Milan have talented squads and should be able to overcome the vast majority of challenges posed. Still, there is every chance that they could meet early in the tournament.

The way the draw is, anything and everything can happen, which makes the competition as interesting as possible. It does not separate the big teams from each other, which can make things more exciting.

Additionally, it is wise to expect the unexpected concerning European cup football. Teams may encounter situations and environments that they are not used to domestically, which can have an impact on the way they play. The schedule may not always be too favorable, either, as there may be a lot of travel required between matches.

Most teams in the competition have players who will be used to the many variables as they will have either competed for other clubs in the same position before or they will be international players. Nonetheless, anything is still possible.

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