Why Bayern Munich were desperate to sign Harry Kane

Harry Kane

The long-discussed transfer of Harry Kane from Tottenham Hotspur to Bayern Munich has finally happened. This move set a new Bundesliga record with Bayern spending a massive €100m, which might go up to €120m with extra payments. This surpasses the earlier €80m Bayern spent on Lucas Hernández in 2019 and the €101m Tottenham earned from selling Gareth Bale in 2013.

From the start, Bayern Munich really wanted Kane. They talked a lot with Kane’s team and convinced him. Harry Kane’s decision was influenced by Bayern’s history of winning titles. He shared, “Bayern is a top club with a winning attitude. I’m happy to be here.”

With such a big move, Harry Kane is now in the Bundesliga, with supporters already looking to bet on his games at Cloudbet, with the outright markets all but expecting Bayern to land another domestic title this season.

Complex Negotiations

Though Kane’s contract with Tottenham was scheduled to last until the summer of 2024, Bayern Munich’s leadership recognized the complex dance of negotiations that awaited them. 

Levy’s valuation stood firm at £100m. Though hopeful of a reduced sum, the German giants had to meet Levy’s price. Levy’s preference for seeing Kane transfer overseas rather than to a Premier League competitor provided Bayern with a crucial advantage in the deal.

Enter Thomas Tuchel, Bayern’s revered head coach. He played a pivotal role with his esteemed reputation in England and personal engagement with Kane. Persistent dialogues with Tuchel might have eased Kane’s reservations about leaving England, a country where he aimed to surpass Alan Shearer’s Premier League goal record. 

Reports suggest that Kane views Bayern as a platform to secure silverware, with potential plans to return to England and chase records later. The flexibility in his contract with Bayern further indicates potential exit clauses under specific conditions.

Kane’s Unique Value to Bayern

Why was Bayern Munich so adamant about adding Kane to their squad? The reason, straightforward yet profound, is goals. Despite facing challenges in the Champions League, Kane’s remarkable tally of 30 goals and three assists from 38 Premier League matches in the preceding season is commendable. 

Over time, Kane has evolved into more than a goal machine, reflecting his performance in Tottenham’s no.10 jersey. His dual capability as a goalscorer and playmaker is reminiscent of Robert Lewandowski’s invaluable contributions to Bayern.

Detailed statistics from Opta highlight Kane’s multifaceted role. Leading the Premier League striker’s chart with 329 forward passes, 54 attempted key passes, 20 through passes, and 1477 touches in the last season, Kane’s role transcends traditional boundaries. 

Bayern’s quest isn’t just for a proficient goalscorer. In Kane, they see a maestro who can elevate the performance of his peers. A perfect fit for Tuchel’s tactical setup, Kane might solve Bayern’s occasional struggles in seizing crucial moments on the pitch.

Final Words

The culmination of Bayern Munich’s pursuit of Harry Kane is a confluence of strategic planning, recognizing team needs, and securing a player of unmatched caliber. The upcoming seasons will reveal if this union translates into the anticipated football magic on the field.

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