UEFA has doubled the prize money for the women’s Euro 2022. Total amount – 16 million euros

Yesterday in Chisinau, a meeting of the UEFA Executive Committee took place, which approved a significant increase in payments to all participants in the women’s Euro 2022, which will be held in England next summer, and a new model of distribution of funds.

The sixteen teams participating in the women’s Euro 2022 will share the amount of € 16 million, double the total prize money of € 8 million distributed since Euro 2017 in the Netherlands.

The distribution of funds includes increased guaranteed amounts and bonuses for results in the group stage.

In addition, the UEFA Executive Committee has approved the introduction of a club incentive program for the first time, providing a significant € 4.5 million to reward European clubs whose players will compete in the women’s Euro 2022 finals and thus contribute to the tremendous success of the tournament.

The increase in financial payments and the introduction of a club incentive program are vital initiatives in UEFA’s women’s football strategy TimeForAction, providing women’s football with more funding than ever before,” UEFA said in a statement.

Euro 2022 will take place in July next year from July 6 to July 31 at ten different locations in England, with the final scheduled at Wembley Stadium. The draw will take hold on October 28 in Manchester.

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