Can Messi Captain Argentina to a World Cup Triumph?

Lionel Andrés Messi
Lionel Andrés Messi

Argentina is a two-time World Cup champion. However, it has been decades since they last won the trophy, and as a result, there is a push to win another one soon. They got close as they were able to build a golden team with Messi, Aguero, Di Maria, and others. However, it hasn’t worked out as planned. 

The team got very close in 2014, only losing out to Germany in the final in extra time. Therefore, there is a chance, but the real question is, can they do it with Messi captaining the team? It sure would be one for the ages if it happens, and we might even get to play an inspired slot game at the best online casino sites.

Therefore, we continue to look at the team as they’ve been on top-notch form, and after the loss in 2018 against France, and the Semi-final loss against Brazil, the team has been on an unbeaten run. During that time, they won the Copa America and the 2022 Finalissima. They can make it three trophies in less than two years.

With Messi as captain, the team is working hard to bring glory back to the South American nation, and as we go to Qatar, we will be watching the team play. They remain one of the favorites, and as a result, they can win the competition. However, there are other formidable teams to face if they want to win. 

As we prepare for the FIFA World Cup, we want to look at the formidable Argentinian team and if they stand a chance to win the competition. It will be a tough one. However, we believe it is one of the team’s biggest chances to win the competition with Messi still around and playing at a high level.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup might be Messi’s final shot at a WC trophy. Therefore, we expect he will put his all into the team, but he would need his teammates to be 100% from start to finish. In that case, we will be looking at the team and if they can win the competition.

Russia 2018 Woes

The FIFA 2018 wasn’t as good as the Argentineans would have wanted it. The qualification was also poor, and the team almost didn’t qualify as they had to win their last game. The entire nation had to rely on the magic of Lionel Messi, and he helped them scale against Ecuador in the final round.

Entering the world cup in Russia. They drew their first match against Iceland and lost to Croatia before getting their first win in the competition against Nigeria. The win was enough to send the team to the round of 16, where they faced eventual champions, and after leading at the break, the team ended up losing 4-2 as they weren’t strong enough to handle the incredible pace of the French team. 

Qualifiers Triumph

After 2018, the team didn’t do much as they struggled to stay on a good run of form. They even went to the COPA American semi-finals, but the match against Brazil saw them get knocked out of the competition. Therefore, the woes from the 2018 World Cup continued, and it remained that way for a while.

However, they didn’t lose since the one against Brazil and France. As a result, they are unbeaten in more than 30 games, which saw them win the COPA America and the 2022 Finalissima. In that case, they are on a roll to win another title in a bit over one year, and if they can do it, it would be a major feat.

COPA America and the Finalissima Championship

COPA America has eluded the Argentinians for many years. They’ve gotten very close to winning the competition, but they lose on penalties or a very slim goal difference in the end. As a result, they’ve been chasing the competition for years, and finally, they were able to win it in 2021, beating the defending champions Brazil.

With their COPA America success, the team was scheduled to play their second Finalissima match against the European Champions. Therefore, they faced Italy, and it was an emphatic victory continuing their solid unbeaten run against the Italians. We believe that the team has the momentum and can win the FIFA world cup this year. 

All they have to do is remain unbeaten throughout the competition. They can do this by remaining solid across the board.  

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