Liverpool is Worthy of the Championship According to Mason Mount

The suspension of the Premier League in March due to the pandemic has raised a lot of questions back then. The fans and even the people in the industry were wondering whether the League will even be able to finish the rest of the season or just cancel the whole season completely. However, UEFA was very adamant about ensuring that the League returns and so it did in June.

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Now, another concern that many fans had before the suspension of the Premier League is whether Liverpool will be able to get crowned as champions hence the cancelation of the remaining scheduled matches. At this point, Liverpool sat on the top of the ladder and is over 50 points ahead of Manchester City, which was on the second place.

This just really meant that Liverpool was waiting for their championship to be awarded, but this was questioned only because of the uncertainty that surrounded the commencement of the rest of the season when it was suspended.

However, while the EPL was on a hiatus, officials were already talking about how they don’t see Liverpool not winning this season. Even the UEFA chief, Aleksander Ceferin, spoke about this in an interview while the crowning of Liverpool was still in question.

Ceferin said, “I see no way for Liverpool to stay untitled. If the championship resumes, they will almost certainly win it – theoretically, it has not yet reached the guaranteed level, but it is practically close. However, if it could not be played, it would also be necessary to announce the results in some way and find some key on how the champions should be determined. And, of course, again I do not see a scenario in which that would not be Liverpool.”

Well, sure enough, Liverpool was indeed crowned champions this year when Liverpool beat Crystal Palace in June with a score of 4-0. This was the day that ended the wait of 30 years for the club to finally get the championship at the Premier League.

Many fans were happy about this and even players from the other clubs have shared their thoughts and said that the team deserves their win. Chelsea’s Mason Mount spoke about this in an interview and he said that the club is a worthy winner for this season.

Mason said in an interview, “For a team to be as dominant as they have been this season, it gives you that motivation next season to match them. We have played them three times this season and we have definitely been competitive with them.”

He continues with, “When you watch something like the trophy lift, it gives you that extra motivation going into the next season. I am a winner, and so I don’t like watching other people win – especially other teams. You want to win with your own team, so it is definitely hard to watch someone else win. However, they have been brilliant this season and worthy winners.”

The win of Liverpool this season has been a long-time coming and fans can’t be blamed on how much they really wanted to celebrate this win. Celebrations took over the city center by the Pier Head. The skies were lit up in red during the night of the win.

St. Luke’s Church also became a spot where fans gathered and celebrated. Fireworks surrounded the sky and people were singing Liverpool songs. This has alerted the authorities, however, as social distancing was not followed during these celebrations. However, the authorities said they were at one with the celebration but still wishes that everyone follows the guidelines laid down to keep everyone safe.

One of Liverpool players tweeted on that night and said, “Yes. It feels THAT good. I want to thank all of our supporters watching us from all corners of the world. You made this possible for us and I hope we can keep bringing you the joy you deserve. Now they’re gonna’ believe us.” The team was known to be in a hotel as they celebrated together as a team. Right now, the rest of the matches are still on-going to determine the other teams who will be part of the Championship League this year.