Five Soccer Teams to Look Out For in Europe Next Season

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With the 2021/2022 season closed across the top leagues in Europe, we are looking forward to when the transfer window will open and the new season starts. And like you will engage in betting on baseball, you can do that with soccer whenever the new season begins in August across the top five leagues.

We have many competitions scheduled for the year, and as a result, teams and top players will have to do extra work in the new season. Aside from that, teams are looking to improve their squad strength to ensure that they have the best squad going into the new season. In that case, we are looking at the five top teams that are likely to dominate Europe next season.

Paris Saint-Germain

PSG is one of the most formidable teams on paper. They have some of the best players in Europe, and they continue to recruit more people to play in the team. It is pretty easy for the team to continue playing, and as a result, they can keep taking the continent by storm. The main goal is to conquer Europe.

All their signings have been about winning the UCL, and they might just have the team to that next season. We will be looking at the new players added to the squad and how they can help the team win. The front three remain intact, with Mbappe signing a new contract until 2025. Therefore, there is a good chance for the team. 

Manchester City

Another top club yet to win the UCL, Manchester City, would be gunning for European glory next season. Like their counterpart in France, the team has dominated their local leagues recently. Therefore, the next big step is to win the UEFA Champions League to seal themselves as one of the top teams in Europe.

With Haaland joining the squad, the team would have a replacement for Aguero, and it would be an exciting team to watch. We would love to see how the team would set up with a proper striker in the mix. They were able to win the league. However, their quest for Europe didn’t go as planned, and they could not get into the final.  

Real Madrid

Real Madrid is the most formidable team in the UEFA Champions League, and they showed that in the 2021/2022 season. The team was underdogs for most of the entire campaign. However, they managed to go through three English teams and PSG to win the competition for the 14th time.

It was one of the most impressive runs in UCL history, and it would be remembered for many years. We continue to see why the team is top-notch and why they would be a strong contender next season. There is no doubt that Real Madrid will be a top team next season, and they might continue their good run in the competition. 


Going into the 2021/2022 season, Chelsea FC was the defending champion. However, they crashed out of the competition when they faced Real Madrid in a tough matchup. It was a slim defeat shrouded by defensive mistakes and missed chances. The season wasn’t as good as they hoped, coupled with administrative issues. 

With the Bohley-led Consortium taking over completely, the team can usher in a new and improved era as they put a below-par season behind them. As a result, we expect to see a stronger Chelsea side competing in Europe next season. Undoubtedly, it will be a top display from the team next season. 

Bayern Munich

The German champions are always favorites in the UCL, and they continue to show why. They currently sit third among the all-time winners of the UCL trophy, and as a result, they are formidable in the competition. They can make it all the way next season with a strong side, and we expect them even to recruit more players. 

The team remains a formidable one, and even though this season didn’t go to plan in Europe, they can come back stronger. However, they would need a strong replacement for Lewandowski after announcing that he would not be returning to the team next season. Therefore, we look forward to a new Bayern striker for the new season. 

Our Thoughts

Next season will be tough with teams strengthening their squads and providing more depth. We would love to see how it shapes up and, in the end, who will lift the biggest trophy in European football. We think the competition will be won by one of these five teams next season.  

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