The last World Cup for Messi, Ronaldo and other football stars

The tournament in Qatar will draw a line under the history of World Cup football. A whole generation of great masters will decide to finish playing for their national teams. Ronaldo has already said he will wait until Euro 2024, and Modric has officially announced his decision. 

Qatar World Cup 2022

Of course, we know examples of great players skating on their farewell tours for ten years at a time, but in football, everything is tied to age. Many fans bet on such events, and you can also use the Caesars bonus code and bet on these players. Even Ronaldo, let alone Messi, won’t make it to the tournament in Canada, the USA and Mexico.

Manuel Neuer

Manuel Neuer is one of the greatest goalkeepers in history. He was stronger than Oliver Kahn was – with all due respect to the big boss at Bayern. Since Neuer has set a new goal-keeping vector by actively playing with his feet, Manuel can be placed above Sepp Maier. And why not? The other world champion was a great goalkeeper, but Manuel won it all – Champions League, Brazilian Mundial and Bundesliga many times. 

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is back. Completely, beautifully, and with passion. Lionel shows that he loves Argentina – even if at a distance, even if Spain has also become a life partner, but the national team is more important to him than any team in the world after Barcelona. Messi won the Copa America, which he was delighted about, and is now targeting the World Cup in Qatar. 


The 30-year-old forward announced that the tournament would be his last. He is unlikely to have the strength and spirit to continue playing football until 2026 – the words of PSG’s and Brazil’s top tenth. Neymar is younger than his colleagues in this squad, but consider how many minor injuries he’s had. Remember that in early February – the same day as Ronaldo – he will turn 31. It’s hard to imagine that Neymar will still be playing in Europe and representing the team in the core at thirty-four and a half. Hence, he will show the maximum in Qatar World Cup 2022.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Things aren’t going well for Ronaldo, but it’s his fault. When he departs, he must leave, or it won’t function; therefore, his disagreement with ten Hag is natural. Erik showed his wisdom and quickly got the Portuguese back into the first line-up, and now a turn for the forward. It’s time for him to play good football. Ronaldo is angry about the failures at MU. The latest tango in Qatar is his chance to improve his mood.

Robert Lewandowski

The French are two-faced, showing both depth and courage and displaying shocking cowardice in various areas. It is a crime against football not to award the Ballon d’Or to Lewandowski, who won the Champions League. But Robert, without that award, remains a fine footballer who sits high in the world rankings of the most prolific in history. Lewandowski is the strongest footballer in Poland’s rich history. And for him, the Qatar World Cup will be his last.

Karim Benzema

Benzema has missed several big tournaments for reasons unrelated to football. For the history of the French team in particular, although it sounds paradoxical, it is the figure of another veteran for whom the Mundial will be his last – Giroud became a World champion as a forward who defended Griezmann and Mbappe against the pressure. Karim returned to football, won the Champions League again, and helped Real Madrid win the Ballon d’Or. Now he will try and finish the year with a shock performance in Qatar.

A whole era is being said goodbye to, with the absence of Italy, or the injuries of famous players like Kante and Pogba, expanding the list of those we won’t see again at the World Cups after the tournament in Qatar. The stock of this national team perfectly illustrates the coolness of the generations leaving – Suárez, Azár, Busquets, Muller, and De Bruyne are legends of European club football and world sport at the national team level.

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